Pizza Friday

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It was cheat day again last Friday and as usual I have to blog it today, toinkz!
Cheat Day. Why called cheat day? I know you are also wondering like me, so I have asked hubby because as what I have known cheat is to cheat, doing something out of the rules.
Well he just said it is cheat day because he is cheating on his diet every Friday, he ate a lot and a lot of sweet foods after the last day of his gymn schedule. That’s the tale of cheat day.. ^_^
We bought pizza’s last cheat day, hawaiian pizza for me and of course vegetable pizza for him, as what I am expecting he ate his pizza before I can take picture of it but I still manage to shot one (below).

There are also some chocolate cookies and a bottle of pepsi for me., I know I am kinda weird why I am blogging about pizza and everytime we ate during cheat day. You are going to say that you are also eating what I am eating and going to think that it seems I am new to everything or Mangyan to other term.

I also don’t know why I am blogging about it, but maybe because it is the only unusual day happen to my daily routine where I am just alone everyday and facing the computer on the whole day. My life during week days has no thrill, I am just all alone inside the apartment doing nothing but clicking keypads on hubby’s laptop. So boring and dull right? What should I do, I have no work to be busy of, nothing to clean after little chores. So just blogging cheat day is my fashion

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