Pizza Galore

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Another cheat day had passed, after a quick shopping of our weekly supplies we run to Pizza Maru while I am eating my ice cream, yes it was a run because we are kind of a hurry that pizza place will be closed before we get there. It closes at 11 PM, along the way my hubby have asked me if what kind of pizza I want , I have told him the same with him. As soon as we arrived hubby give his order, two vegetable pizza cheesy crust, but I have changed my mind and told the lady I want combination pizza cheesy crust. My husband was annoyed with me, the lady was confused whom to follow but in the end of course I won. We just wait 15 minutes to take-out the pizza.
As soo as we arrived home I need to hang the clothes from the washer which we left behind when we go shopping. Then arranged the supplies to cup boards. After which eating time while watching a documentary, Jezzz.., I cannot eat the whole pizza, ( I need help). I just ate half of it, hubby ate two slices from it taking out the ham. The two left over slices will be my breakfast on Saturday morning.
After eating the pizza, my hubby wanted to eat ice cream I guess he envy me. (lol). As usual I have to buy for him in the nearest 24-hours convenient store but there is no chocolate ice cream in “Buy the way’ so I have to cross back to ‘Tous Les Jours’. On my way home my attention was caught by pile of books in the street, three boxes of books. I went near them and browse, they look like brand new and slightly used. Hmmm., if I am just in the Philippines I am going to pick this up. (lol)
They are junk to the owner but to others they are still useful, they are still source of knowledge. Anyway even I picked them up they were still be useless to me because they were written in Korean language.
As what I have noticed here in Korea they throw things that is already useless to them not like in the Philippines they keep and somehow collect it. We just threw things if they are useless and unusable. Just like the other day I saw a big gray luggage on the same spot, it looks good but it is already in the junk.
Few months ago my hubby and I saw a big wooden cabinet in the street. They look brandnew, shiny and stunning tall. We thought they are just newly deliver to our neighbors but after few days a truck came then two Koreans from the truck just teared them into pieces like a piece of firewood then put in the truck.

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