Plugged Pipe…? Call your wife…

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I have been joining a lot of giveaways yesterday, hoping to win and bag home some prizes (lol). Previously I have joined few giveaways, been lucky to win but never received yet the prize.

To start the story, yesterday when I open the fridge and saw my leftover chunks of tuna, I don’t feel like eating it anymore so I throw them at the sink and pour water on it. It is just a small piece, maybe one spoon of tuna but it seems I plugged the sink. I did not tell my husband what happen because as I see it, the water goes down still but very slowly.
When myy husband left for work, I just continue my daily routine, blogging and looking for online work. It was late at night (last night) when my husband arrived, when I opened his bag I was so surprised to find peanuts, chocolates and bread inside. It is not his habit to buy extra food after class, as I washed his food container I told him that it seems the sink is plugged. He ask me what did I do with it, I just told him I throw a small piece of tuna leftover. He doesn’t believed me, he thought I throw something bigger than the tuna. I try to fix it, but it is still unplugged, I put a metal stick to push anything inside but it doesn’t help, used the TV cable outside the balcony to push something inside the pipe, still useless. My husband want me to call the landlord below, to tell him what happened to our sink, but I don’t want him to disturb late at night. I have told my husband I will do it tomorrow but he did not agreed because where am I going to wash the dishes after meal.

He really insisted I have to call for help to our landlord, but I am the type of person who never ask for help unless someone help. And partly, even I went down to our landlord house, I don’t know how to explain it because we cannot understand each other, our landlord only knows few words of english. So what I did, I ask permission to my husband if I can untie the pipe below the sink, he just told me do whatever you want. He is so kind not to help me, he said it is my fault so I have to fix it on my own, because I did not help him when he plugged the toilet (lol).

So I do what I want, untie the pipe below and clean it. It smell very gross though, I did not see any chunk of tuna in it, all I have seen is dirt and egg yolks. It’s a hard job because you cannot move the sink to fix the pipe below. On the right , my picture while fixing the pipe below the sink, with my husband feet. He just love being around and looking. (lol)
Below is the picture after finishing my job. Who said you need a plumber when your wife is better than the plumber. (lol)

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  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    wow, galing! i'm not good at unclogging sinks, but i can do some painting, restoring an old cabinet, changing bulbs or shower, etc.

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