Pork and Beans

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I have been craving for Pork and Beans and the other day I fed that craving. We don’t really eat Pork and Beans, I just heard and saw this when I am still a toddler and since then I am fascinated what does it taste like. When I am in college and we had a tree planting, my friend and I had an agreement I would bring cooked rice and she would bring our viand. To my surprised she brought two cans of Pork and Beans., so instead of  feeling disappointed I feel excited well at least I can taste what Pork and Beans tasted like.

As what I have read the recipe for typical American canned pork and beans varies considerably, but generally consists of navy beans stewed with pork or rendered pork fat. At present, pork and beans is usually also stewed with tomatoes, but this is a 19th century development. Pork and beans is a dish that is routinely purchased canned and reheated on a stove or in a microwave oven.

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