Pork barbecue is gold

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Last night my husband keep saying he wants to eat fried rice, I did not mind him as if I did not hear anything because I am busy with my blog template, and partly to stop him from craving because of the so called DIET but I guess he is not on diet because he repeated it again. I know what he wants, but playful me ask him if he want me to fried rice for him. He said never mind, but in the end I ended to the Chinese restaurant. I bought fried rice with chicken it is big wok or super size as McDonald says. I don’t want to wait of my take-out so I went outside and went to the Palace Mall where Lotte Super is located. I shopped some body wash, soaps and cream. When I went out from the basement I meet the Asian guys I’ve meet along the way when I am going to the restaurant, I don’t know if they are Thai or Filipinos. I feel a little nervous thinking they are following me, because when I see them they’re going to the direction where I came from (shopping district) So how come they’re here now, I just had a little head bow as a gesture of meeting an Asian people like me I did not  give them a little smile anymore. I smile to one of the guy when we first met along the way because he is smiling to me. I don’t want to be snob because I don’t know if they are Filipino or not.  (Paranoid)
Anyway after picking up my order I directly went to a barbecue place,  it is a little bit farther from where am I but it is nearer to where I came from, it is  along the way if  I am going to the gym. The family who owns it and I can’t understand each other if how much. The woman showed me 1,500 won. Whew,  pork barbecue is gold here for one stick it cost 1,500 won or about 58 pesos in the Philippines. I bought six pork barbecue sticks which about 346 pesos, it is already one kilo of pork or more in my country.


5 Responses to “Pork barbecue is gold”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    Aguy! Kamahal naman ng pork BBQ dyan. Anyway, may restaurants din dito na ganyan ang price ng BBQ pero nice restos na yon talaga huh.

  2. Vernz says:

    wag kana reklamu diyan mas mahal kung bili ka pa sa pins mamasahe ka pa ..hahaha… pero Hy.. buti ka pa explore muna boung Korea… hahaha… punta kaya ako diyan mag-isa ikaw tour guide ko…lol…

  3. chubskulit says:

    Sarap sarap naman nyan sis, penge!

    My Mellow Yellow post, have a great week ahead!

  4. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    gold nga ang price dito sa amin 10 pesos lng isa, baka naman matagal matunaw, lolz

  5. Ann says:

    if he is hungry, and you are busy with your blogging, why can't he go and buy it? LOL

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