Pork Torta

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Such a busy Monday for me today, I have a lot of chores to do. An hour after I wake up I have to work in the kitchen wash the dirty dishes my hubby just left and cook the ground beef in the fridge. If you are interested to know last Saturday when went shopping we bought a lot of meat than the normal days. We had pork and a piece of beef. You know why its SALE, the beef is 50% less.  Just an information when both of us go shopping expect it on a rush, my husband don’t like me looking around. After he got all he want he will roll the cart to the counter that’s why there are times we argue because I or we forgot something and I need to return and buy (lazy me).
So after a day we just found out the meat will expired on November 2, I laughed knowing that we forgot to look on the date we just grab upon seeing its on sale. So he asked what meat I could cook and eat before the expiry date because he will keep the others in the freezer. Well I am the only one who ate meat so don’t expect me to eat all of it. 
Anyway here’s what I cooked, I made pork torta. I just mixed pork, eggs, potato and put some spices like black pepper, salt and garlic. The 3/4 of the beef I just cook it in vinegar and soy sauce (lol) I am looking for a tomato sauce or ketchup in the fridge to cook giniling but it seems out of stock.  So I don’t know how my ground pork adobo taste, my torta taste good but kind of salty.  When I added more salt I dropped a lot of  it because the lid with tiny holes is not working when I removed it and drop some, a big amount splashed on my mixture. Just too lucky that I did it after I cook few.
After cooking lampaso time! Then blogging and now I have to eat my breakfast I think the rice is already cooked.

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