Pure Honey from the Honeybees

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The other day while I went out to return the broom outside, I saw a woman carrying a baby on her arms. She first went to my aunt store then talk to my cousin’s wife and when she saw us in our porch, she offered a bottle of honey. I have thought of buying honey a few weeks ago so my father could drink calamansi juice with honey to cure his colds and cough but I don’t know where to find a seller and the woman showing in our house with a bottle of honey is an answered prayer. She is selling the bottle of honey for ₱150 about $3.20, we asked her if it was a pure honey and we are told it was and it was the only bottle she got. We could test it we don’t believe her; anyway we bought the bottle of honey without testing.


When my father arrived in the afternoon I have told him that I bought a bottle of honey for ₱150, he said it was too expensive because he thinks my older cousin’s wife was selling bottle of honey for ₱60 ($1.31) only, my older female cousin who was at home seconded but she thought that is cheaper than the amount my father mentioned. Well, I have thought buying it for ₱150 was already a steal since it was hard to get pure honey these days.

Anyway, when they look at bottle of honey I bought they concluded it was pure honey since it was very sticky and dark yellow in color unlike the honey that my older cousin’s wife reselling from the island where she is working it is blunt in color and watery in texture.

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