Quick Visit to Philippine Embassy, Seoul

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With the adrenaline rush running through my vein and with the desire of traveling and experiencing the other culture, I went to the Philippine embassy  to inquire about the notarization and red ribbon of documents.  I took bus #3 from the bus stop across  Noksapyeong subway station exit 3, one more stop before I descend to the embassy I went to the door so I will not miss the stop. I am hesitant if I am going to push the red button or not, well, I just thought it is already given that I am getting off by standing right in the door, but was disappointed when the bus didn’t stop so I have no choice but to get off at the stop in front of the Hyatt Hotel. Guess what? It turns out the driver cannot open the door because I am standing right to it, I mean where it is folded. Silly me!

Anyway, I immediately run towards the Philippine embassy and what welcomed me is a closed door with a note that the front door will be the main door effective October 2013, chasing my breath I run back at the front door and saw two Korean guys in the receiving area I say hello (courteous me) but didn’t receive a single response, I step forward and back when I don’t know here to go and that’s where I asked what floor is the Philippine embassy on the two guys, just get the “upstairs reply”.  Reaching up I don’t know which door, should I open, I am about to open the door where I saw someone coming out when another door open and one of my fellow men told me that it was the door where they went out, I said my thank you and get  in.  I took a number and read the forms and everything hanged inside the embassy. The embassy was renovated,  I like their new room, now it is well lit and friendly as the officers in charge are reachable without a glass blocking the counters.  I have read about authentication and red ribbon and I was relieved that I can get in Seoul, but I was dismayed when I was told only DFA can do it and it should be done in the Philippines. I know I should ask about the red ribbon thingy I just read, but it slipped already on my mind, a lot of worries with my papers, lack of proper sleep, anesthesia in my body and being forgetful.

Philippine Embassy Seoul

What  a bad day.  Yeah, right, I have to go home to the Philippines  to have our NSO marriage contract authenticated, I am already calculating the fare, hotel and process where to get it, the friendly officer also said once it was red ribbon in DFA they can authenticate it in PH embassy (Seoul) if it is needed to be used in Korea. I didn’t hide my disappointment anymore, I felt really tired I have been traveling, walking and running since 7 o’clock in the morning,  I took a deep breath with drooping shoulders, then I was asked where do I need it.

Well, I left the embassy with cloudy mind,  when I went out the door not sure if the guy in the receiving area talking to me or to the woman beside her. I didn’t look back the world is on my shoulder, I am pretty sad. Well, I am able to return to the subway still in one piece, although I almost missed my station stopped on second time.  My mind was really pretty occupied luckily the door didn’t close quickly it seems it was waiting for me because when I went out after all the passengers went out the door closes and the train left. It seems the world feels my somber feeling. :(

I forgot to snap a photo of the embassy front facade and the back door, I was really preoccupied with my worries in normal situation I am usually quick enough to take a snap.


I just found from a friend that I can have my documents authenticated/notarized  in Seoul through Attorney’s office. I felt relieved that I don’t need to go home and spend $500 for a plane ticket just to get $2.35 authenticated documents!

Read it here.

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2 Responses to “Quick Visit to Philippine Embassy, Seoul”

  1. yhamie klinkiewicz says:

    We are same problem..can i know the place of attorney’s office and his number ?coz i need to authenticate my papers,thankyou

    • admin says:

      Hello, I just used the notary office malapit sa Philippine Embassy you can find their contact number on this post “Document Translation and Notarization in Seoul” sorry for late response was not around. Thanks!

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