Rain as Blessings, Broken Glass Superstition

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It’s  a day full of blessings today, the sky is dark and heavy rain is dropping.  It is a blessings in the midst of drought,  the water supply these past few days became very scarce, the water stop at eight o’clock in the morning and was turn on again late in the afternoon for a few hours, which made the public furious with the people managing the water supply since they didn’t inform anybody about their decision of turning off the water.

Rainy Day

A typhoon just passed by and didn’t made a land fall according to our father since he is the one who frequently watch news program in the television, he is at home since the weekend because their work was already finished last week making my mother irritated because it is Christmas time and our father doesn’t have  a job, which we told her to stop doing it because she is not attracting good vibes or luck. Just like the other night, we are about to have dinner and while I am carrying one glass in each hand to the table, one of the glasses suddenly slip and crashed to pieces in the floor I really don’t know how it happened, my mother was very furious at me, so I told her it was just a glass and we can buy a new one unlike if it is a life we can’t buy nor change it for a new one but she keeps mumbling about it which she doesn’t really do that much if plate or bowl was the one get broken, later I realized a glass crashed in pieces is a bad omen according to superstitious beliefs. 🙁

Well, since it is been raining since early morning today, we are left with nothing to do aside from minimal chores. There’s no signal in the television because of the rain, internet speed isn’t good too. The best thing to do right now is to drink coffee and sleep, I just had my cup of coffee awhile ago and hopefully to have another cup later.

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