Range Cookers

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I have been busy these past few days on cooking in our kitchen and what is expected after that stressful time I can’t face my blog and do my job in front of my computer anymore. All I want is to relax and chill, watch some TV shows online and read.

Anyway I wish we have range cooker here in our apartment I have notice our burner is being rusty maybe because of keeping the pot in the gas range while they are newly wash and water is dripping. Since I found it I am now very extra careful to dry the pot first before letting it sit in our gas range and keeping it in our kitchen cabinet.

Range cookers are far bigger than traditional cookers and they come with a larger main oven and more hob burners. They are designed to look like the olden style cooking ranges found in older styled kitchens and have numerous features. They are free-standing and come in widths between 90cm to 150 cm.

Range cookers can be electric only or the more popular dual fuel option where the hob is powered by gas and the oven by electricity. Most range cookers come with six hob burners

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