Receiving a Poor Direction Through a Text Message – Searching for Rubix in Budiong

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When traveling, I am always fascinated looking at our tour guide because I found their job very appealing. There are times I mimicked them and acted like I am  tour guide too, so when I have read online through the FB page of Mayor Trinal Firmalo (Mayor of Odiongan) that there will be a free training for Tourism Promotion Services  through TESDA I eagerly sign-up at the Mayor’s Office, less than 30 minutes since it was posted (lol).

It was over a week, Friday late in the evening when I received a text message that the training will finally start, it was exciting but somehow head banging…

“Good day pls be informed that the training for tourism  promotion servicing ncII will start on July 2 (monday) 8 am at brgy budiong (s my dating rubix). Thank you”

The question is where is this place they called Rubix before? I have asked few FB friends whom I know to be working in the municipal hall, friends that were residing at barangay Budiong and even my sister asked her friends and coworkers who live at Brgy. Budiong but they have a unanimous answer “What is Rubix?”, “Never heard of it”, “There isn’t no Rubix here”.

On Sunday, we decided to look around Brgy. Budiong to find this place called “Rubix” my sister and her workmate concluded the meeting place, maybe is in the barangay court where it was near the bar called “Amigos” which is called “Cubes” before, so the texter might be pointing to “Rubix Cubes”?  Realizing that, we return to downtown, but me feeling unsatisfied requested to return to Brgy. Budiong again to find this place called “Rubix” and maybe until to Brgy. Canduyong to my sister’s disappointment, that she has to drove around again.

We didn’t find any, but going back to downtown Odiongan my sister saw a van with “Rubiks” in it and upon glancing I have read from their very cute building signage “Citadel Training Center”  so this might be the “Rubix” we are looking for. I blurted out that I already saw the van awhile ago, but wasn’t able to read what is painted because I thought the building was  a private home.

Monday, the supposed to be start of the training day. When I arrived at exactly eight in the morning, there were only two people waiting, I have asked first if I was in the right place to the person in authority. To cut the story short, there were only 10 participants present for the said training out of 25 expected trainees and as expected, they also got lost finding for “Rubix”.

We are requested to return at one o’clock in the afternoon and guess what nothing has changed with our number, there are still 10 trainees to be trained, the facilitators were disappointed but the show must go on. A short orientation was done, headed by Ms. Rochelle from TESDA and Mr. Ramos from the Office of the Mayor.

Well, the training was rescheduled next Monday to wait for more trainees or participants. If you are one of those people who sign-up and received a text message, but couldn’t find where is this place called Rubix in Budiong, please look for Rubiks Manpower Training Center, Inc because technically speaking it is Rubiks and not Rubix. It was just about 500 meters or more after Amigos Bar, you can see it on your right if you are coming from downtown Odiongan.

On giving proper direction through a text message, I hope someone must not shortcut or encrypt the name of the place because it doesn’t help at all,  people tend to get lost than to find the place, this is a must do especially if you are relying an information or giving direction to people unfamiliar with the place.

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