Receiving Money from Western Union, IBK Icheon

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This is unplanned but I went to downtown today after seeing that I was already paid and my money is ready for pick-up in Western Union. I took the bus #28-1 from Shinha-ri because it stopped right in front of the Icheon bus terminal where IBK (Industrial Bank of Korea) have moved.  I just crossed the street and went inside the bank, their new location is bigger and wider than their old location which is quite smaller.  There are also lot of windows/teller now compare than before. Anyway I get a number and in just seconds my number was already called, I informed the teller what I need “Western Union” she immediately thought I am going to send  but I told her “claim/pick-up” showing her a piece of paper, my passport and ARC.

IBK Icheon Branch

The teller asked me Google upon seeing the piece of paper? I was given a form to fill-up and in just few minutes I got my money from Mr. G (Google).  This is my second time to received compensation from displaying ads on my blogs. The first time was two year ago, haha! Well it is better than nothing, isn’t it?

Corn Bits in Korea

Anyway after I claimed my money I walked to the bus stop just across the back of bus terminal  and as a treat to myself I went inside the Asian store to buy some sardines (again),  corn snack, corn bits or whatever you may call it.  When I first received my compensation from Mr. G, I have boughts dumplings from Mandu shop.

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