Red Maple Tree

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When I was still a little kid, my knowledge is limited to what I learned from school , on what I see around me and at our home.  All I know leaves  has only one color and that is green, but when I grow older and can now walk within a miles I discover a lot of things, leaves or plants is not just green in color, there’s read, brown, yellow and a lot more.
Here’s red maple tree as an example, its leaves is red and not green.  This tree is one of the most common and widespread deciduous trees of eastern North America. It ranges from the Lake of the Woods on the border between Ontario and Minnesota, east to Newfoundland, south to near Miami, Florida, and southwest to east Texas. Many of its features, especially its leaves, are quite variable in form. At maturity it often attains a height of around 15 m (50 ft). It is aptly named as its flowers, petioles, twigs and seeds are all red to varying degrees. Among these features, however, it is best known for its brilliant deep scarlet foliage in autumn.
I first saw this leaf, in Canada’s national flag. 

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4 Responses to “Red Maple Tree”

  1. crisc23 says:

    I love Maple trees =)

  2. Busy Working Mama says:

    Gorgeous picture!

  3. By MelCole of PA says:

    Yeah, I love red leafed maple trees, especially those japanese ones.

  4. Susan L (lily40au) says:

    the maple's the most stunning coloured tree. i loved them when i visited canada.
    My Ruby Redness

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