Requirements on Renewing E-2 Visa in Korea

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Yesterday we went to Suwon immigration to the renew our visa. My husband is, kind of excited anxious about the requirements he needed while waiting for our number to be served because the immigration has new policy starting this year (2012), this will be our 3rd time to renew our visas.  There’s a lot of what if, what if the requirements he has on hands are not complete, what if he need one more thing and etc.,

After one and a half hour we are able to submit our requirements and my husband had a sign of relief when his requirements are complete and there’s no problem at all.

The requirements he submitted are:

  • Application Form
  • Passport and ARC
  • Employment Contract
  • Photocopy of Business License (School)
  • Photocopy of degree with notarization and stamp from the Korean embassy in the country of applicant
  • ₩30, 000 payment for stamp revenue
  • Criminal Background Check (for new teachers only)

The immigration officer look at all his papers and then we are asked to scan our finger prints on both hands and then she asked my husband to buy revenue stamp, when it was given to her, she returned our passport and ARC with new marked/information on the back that our visa is extended to a certain date and finished!

Originally posted on 02-18-2012

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