Road Tripping and Short Visit at Binucot Beach Resort

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It was been a long time since we hit the road for road tripping, my father was always at work and  my sister was already working for a cooperative in town so to speak we have no driver because my mother and I doesn’t know how to drive, my family have been telling me to learn how to drive a motorcycle but how can I when nobody is dare to teach me.

[Photo taken at a vacant shore overlooking Binucot Beach Resort]

Anyway, we headed to the nearest town and drove to a popular beach resort. It was popular in terms of hearing it from online friends, seeing beautiful photos online and etc. Partly, we are looking for a place to eat out as family during special occasions, outside Odiongan. I am anticipating to see a resort that could wow me but along the way I didn’t find any special maybe because I have seen better or it just look the same with other beaches in Romblon. We just passed through the resort and have a short stop along the vacant shore and took photos, our mother has been requesting us to get a snacks at the resort but the weather isn’t good and we are afraid to stay longer because we have to travel back to Odiongan and the road will be slippery if it rains.

My guess we went there on a wrong time and day (there was a low pressure brewing) so the sky and the beach wasn’t that splendid like what I saw on many photos online. With this, we must return at Brgy. Bunsoran, Ferrol especially at Binucot Beach Resort on a splendid day to see its beauty especially during sunset and experience a mouth watering meal in their resort, isn’t it?

We exited Ferrol going to Looc and have a short stopped at their municipal hall. We have been to Looc many times but never had a chance to take photo of their historic municipal hall.  Like what we are afraid of, we are caught by the rain, it rains a lot going back to Odiongan and we are all soak.

Disclosure:  Above written post was my own personal experience and might be different from yours.

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