Ruby Tuesday- Azaleas

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When Spring time flower blossoms, this picture was taken three weeks ago here in Korea. You can see a lot of flowering flowers everywhere here. I don’t know what’s the name of this flower but as what I found online it is called Azaleas are flowering shrubs making up part of the genus Rhododendron. Originally azaleas were classed as a different genus of plant, but now they are recognized as two of the eight subgenera of rhododendrons – Pentanthera (deciduous) and Tsutsuji (evergreen). Azaleas bloom in spring, in damp mountainous places, their flowers dying only a few weeks later. They do not need as much sun as other plants; they live near trees and sometimes under them. Azalea is also the flower of the astrology symbol Sagittarius.

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2 Responses to “Ruby Tuesday- Azaleas”

  1. Vernz says:

    super ganda Ry, ganda ito iline along walkway.. perfect … salamt sa pasyal.. crazy ako sa sched ko lately …

  2. eileeninmd says:

    Your azaleas are beautiful, great photo for Ruby Tuesday!

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