Sauteed Monggo Beans (Ginisang Monggo)

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Cooking and eating Filipino food  is a luxury for me in Korea so I seldom shop for these type of food. Not just they’re bit expensive than the way they are used to be in the Philippines but because there’s only a few stores that sell Asian food. When I met my friends in Hyehwa I bought monggo beans, salty egg and smoked fish in the informal Filipino Market, the monggo beans which you could buy for 10-20 pesos is worth 175 pesos.

Ginisang Monggo

I sauteed the monggo beans the other day, I started by boiling the monggo beans in a separate pot. I almost forgot about it, I just remember when the water started to dry.  Next I did is saute garlic and onion in a separate pot and add the left over string beans, then water and monggo beans when brown. The water from the boiled monggo beans is also best to use but since I over boiled my monggo beans I have nothing else to use. When the vegetable is almost cooked I add lettuce and salt to taste.

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