Saving Money for House Plans

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It was early this year when we started the construction of our house but within more than one month we need to stop the construction because we have no enough funds to continue the construction. The first floor was already built, the beams were made this week, what is left is adding slab or roof to the first floor that will also served as floor for the second floor.

House Savings

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My mother told me that we need about $1, 705 for constructing the slabs because we need to buy lumbers, ply woods, lot of cements, steel bars, pay laborers and other materials. So I am trying my best to save that amount of money so we are able to add slabs to our house before rainy days came, and might cause problem to our things and stuff because our old house is open.

Saving money is not easy when you have no stable job and you are just relying on your blogging earning which is sometimes good and sometimes it was not.

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