Scramble Eggs with Kimchi

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I love cooking but sometimes I am just lazy to do it especially when I am already in the front of a computer. Way back in the Philippines my mother and I just cook anything we found in our back yard, we always  do experimenting.
So here’s a scramble eggs with kimchi, at first I don’t know if it is possible but the fire made it possible.  Hubby like it so much..


green onions
How to prepare:
Just scramble the eggs and mix the ingredients all together and fried it.

6 Responses to “Scramble Eggs with Kimchi”

  1. chubskulit says:

    Miss ko na ang kimchi hehehe… Ano nationality ng hubs mo Hyanne?

  2. Manang Kim says:

    One of my favorite scrambled egg. Try with catsup ^_^. Happy Monday!

  3. Vernz says:

    of all korean foods i've tasted… parang di ko kinaya si kimchi.. ang anghang ….

  4. RNSANE says:

    I love kimchi and actually had some yesterday!

  5. Poetic Shutterbug says:

    mmm, yummy and a great take on the theme.

  6. ☺lani☺ says:

    I haven't tried that but I love kimchi!

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