Seafood Noodles and Sandwiches

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I am very engrossed reading online last night when my husband asked me on how much likely I want to eat chicken and dumplings. I didn’t bother to answer because my mind is focused on what I am reading plus I don’t want to eat more food I am trying to lose weight. As he thought I don’t like going out the chilly weather he started preparing his meal by getting them on the fridge and that’s where I stopped reading and told him I thought he likes dumpling and chicken.

Well anyway on my husband last meal I have to cook white eggs with  cheese but it turns out only one cheese left so I have to go out and buy a package in the nearby GS25, aside from it my husband asked me to buy him dumplings and chicken if the brand he likes are available. While there, I bought noodles and sandwiches for me, the brand of chicken he likes was not available so I didn’t buy any, same with dumplings which is also not around but I still buy different package.

I got lucky with the noodles because it is not spicy, it was not also a processed noodles it uses fresh white noodles though the seasonings are not.

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