Seeing a Rainbow at Sunset

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Rainbows are sign of hope, sign of promise for the great future and to see things with new perspective. In the bible, in the book of Genesis a rainbow appears right after the great worldwide flood. It symbolized God’s mercy and the covenant He made with Noah (representing mankind) not to destroy the world in such a way again.

Rainbow at Sunset

Yesterday, later afternoon while I am resting I heard the kids outside excitedly shouting “rainbow, rainbow!” I wouldn’t believed at first that they are seeing rainbow because it is sunny outside but I went out to see it, there is indeed a rainbow in the sky. I immediately took photo of it but since I can’t take a good shot of the rainbow so I went in our roof top. My sister who’s clearing the rice grains that were put to dry under the sun, says it is very dark in the other side that’s why there is rainbow it was the answer to my question why there is a rainbow when it didn’t rain at all.

Within a few minutes, the sky went dark like it is going to rain so I immediately took the clothes that were hanging in the clothes wire, while doing it I saw a white dove flying in the sky.  I was mesmerized as it passed in top of my head I just keep looking at it until its gone, then I realized I forgot to take photo of the dove with a rainbow in the sky, it feels like there’s a divine presence when the dove passed by, it was such a divine blessing!

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