Self Bar Meat and Salad Buffet in Hyehwa

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On Sunday I went to Hyehwa again not to attend the mass but to meet my friends, Cathlaine and her husband is already moving to the United States and it is going to be the last chance to see them before they left on Wednesday.

Self Bar Hyehwa

We are supposed to meet  in the subway but I didn’t see her and when I tried to call my friend in her mobile I can’t contact her, thinking she blocked me for a reason I just went out the subway and walk to the Filipino Market to look around, while walking I heard someone saying that someone is just walking straight without looking around. To my surprise I have found them in the stall on my right, it was Kuya Rodel who mumbles.

Self-bar Hyehwa

It turns out Cathlaine’s phone number is not working anymore, maybe because they are going to leave soon and their ARC is going to expire at the end of the month as all phone numbers here in Korea is registered according to your alien registration card. Anyway to cut the story short we together with Cathlaine’s friend whom I get to know while eating, went for the second time at SELF BAR , it is a chain of Korean buffet restaurant serving meat for barbecue, galbi, sangyeopsal and etc.,

Self Bar Restaurant

The meat and food is unlimited for ₩9, 900 per head, if you waste some food or left some meat on your table you have to pay a penalty of ₩5, 000.

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2 Responses to “Self Bar Meat and Salad Buffet in Hyehwa”

  1. Jess says:

    How to go to the Self Bar Unli Meat from the Hyehwa Subway station?

    • admin says:

      Hi, honestly I can’t recall exactly how to get there since it was been a long time but I think you just have to turn right on Baskin Robbins from Exit 2, it is before the Filipino Informal Market . I added a new photo in the post if you are able to see Topping Bar (center building) you are in the right street.

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