Sending Balikbayan Box LBC Korea to Philippines

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This is a long overdue post, sending package to the Philippines is what we love to do the most. Mostly our boxes will contains chocolates, noodles, clothes either new or old and every thing that we think our family will love to received. It is my habit to send package to Philippines twice a year from the items I bought on sale in Korea. I send my boxes thru postal office or EMS, everything went well not until I sent something and went stolen, after that my next boxes arrived to my family opened and taped.  I was furious but nothing else I can do but blog my disappointment.

My mother told me to sent my package thru LBC because my cousin used LBC when she sent package to her family from abroad because the box arrived safely, as well one of our distant neighbor but what should I do there’s no LBC in Korea until recently.

LBC Korea

[The LBC jumbo box at home]

The dilemma of moving out from Korea left me uncertain if I want to send many boxes thru postal office or went home just to make sure the souvenirs I bought from the countries we visited will reach home safely. Well, I was given a third choice when LBC Balikbayan boxes finally opened in Korea around August 2013 (if I am not mistaken), their main office is in Hyehwa-dong the little Manila of South Korea where most Filipino see each other every Sunday. So I either used EMS or call LBC hotline (1661-5899) for jumbo box.  If I used EMS I have to pay a lot because the rate is per kilo, while in LBC the rate of jumbo box is by zone. I have decided to call the LBC hotline on Thursday (Oct.10?) and a Korean woman pick-up the phone, I looked for someone who speak English just to find someone who can speak Tagalog. Haha

Well, it is going to be easier to explain my thoughts if I am going to speak to someone who can speak Tagalog, right? I also sent message to Korea Balikbayan page in Facebook. Anyway I was told that they are going to call back because the one who can speak Tagalog is not around, lunch break. I received a call while I was outside going to supermarket and was asked for my address, how many box I need and where am I sending.

Everything went well and was told the 2 jumbo boxes I have ordered will arrived in three days, I waited but nobody arrives on my doorstep within 3 days.  Ahm, I counted again maybe it is three working days which mean Saturday and Sunday should not be included,  Edelyn (the Filipina who works at LBC) is very helpful she updates me or follow up if the boxes I have ordered already arrived.

Anyway on Oct. 18, finally the tekbe ajossi knocked on our door and I got the boxes I have ordered, I was pretty excited and I started filling up one of the box with my junks (that’s what my husband call my things). I was overwhelmed with the box because it was bigger than I expected,  I literally fit inside the box I think two people sitting can fit too! When my husband see my boxes he was excited too not for anticipation of sending it but the anticipation that our apartment will be clean and free of junks.

To cut the story short I have informed Edelyn on Oct. 29 that my box is ready for pick-up and the next day tekbe ajossi came to pick it up, it was heavy and luckily the guy is a big guy and there’s elevator in our unit but of course it will not changed the fact that he needs to bring it down from the 4th floor to 1st floor. I am on hesitation if I will go down or I’ll just stay, I choose the latter he might think I don’t trust him with my box. Lol!

LBC Delivery

[The LBC jumbo box being delivered to my family]

The next day I transfer money to LBC’s account for payment, it cost ₩120,000.  LBC’s rate for jumbo boxes – ₩120,000  to Luzon and Manila, ₩140,000  to Visayas and Mindanao, with free pickup and delivery.

Well, my family received the box after two weeks. Safe and sound, nothing is stolen.  The good thing about LBC Balikbayan box you can send gadget without hidden cost or tax.  I still have one jumbo box left at home which I am going to send before we left Korea,  yeah right within less than three months I will left the country I consider second home.

If you are planning to send balikbayan boxes to Philippines you can call LBC Korea hotline 1661-5899. LBC Korea branch is located at: 1F, 102-1 Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Korea.


  • Free delivery and pick up of the box (anywhere here in Korea)
  • 73 x 52 x 73 size
  • Maximum weight: 100kls.
  • Luzon/Manila (120,000 won) Visayas/Mindanao (140,000 won)


  • Delivery and Pickup of the box ( not free )
  • Any box will do
  • From 1 kilo-25 kilos
  • Manila (60,000 won) Luzon (70,000 won) Visayas (80,000) Mindanao (90,000)

{All packages will be delivered door to door in Philippines without extra fees.}

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50 Responses to “Sending Balikbayan Box LBC Korea to Philippines”

  1. […] the success of sending my first LBC jumbo box to the Philippines (read here Sending Balikbayan Box LBC Korea to Philippines) and within 5 weeks left before we leave Korea I am in hiatus mode to send my remaining stuff and […]

  2. […] LBC Korea branch is located at: 1F, 102-1 Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Korea. Jumbo Box size – 73 x 52 x 73 Hotline #: 1661-5899 […]

  3. Edward Ocampo says:

    Hi! I would like to know if you also offer Korean Shopping Services where I send you payment and purchase some items/products from South Korea and ship them to the Philippines and deliver to our Quezon City Address?

    If this is possible, please send me a message with the instructions on how to avail of this service. Thank you!

  4. jeanette an says:

    would you know if there’s an LBC branch in Jeonju?

    • admin says:

      Hi, there’s only one branch in Korea which is in Hyehwa, Seoul. You can call their hotline and they will deliver the box to you.

    • Edelyn says:

      Hello Miss Jeanette An. Good day! LBC KOREA can deliver/pickup boxes all over South Korea. Please like Facebook Page (LBC EXPRESS INC (KR)) or sent email at for more inquiries. Thank you^^

  5. Tina says:

    Hello po… with that jumbo box all cost of sending to visayas is 140,000 won.. they did not count how much kilo is there??? can u put anyting u want inside??? i want to send on december to my family….

    • admin says:

      Hi Tina, yes with the price and yes walang limit kahit gaano ba kabigat. Opo as long as hindi bawal like aerosols, fireworks and etc.,

  6. Jazz says:

    Hello, may nagpadala po kasi sa akin and ung latest status is discharged from vessel and its been 5 days since nadischarged, gaano po ba katagal ‘yun? I mean wala pa sa custom and two weeks na simula nung napadala. Kinakabahan po kasi ako hehe thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jazz, I hope everything went well at natanggap mo na package mo. Sorry for very late reply, was not around.

  7. Claire says:

    Hello, just want to enquire about sending package from Korea to Singapore. How much does it cost for a jumbo box and how long is the delivery period after ordering the box?

    Thank you so much for the answer. 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Claire, Sorry very late reply was not around on this blog for few months. Please contact LBC on that matter if they do deliver in Singapore because as per as I know Korea to Philippines only, delivery period is 2 weeks.

  8. rhoel says:

    Hi! I am going back to Davao on October and plan to send items in a balikbayan box. How much would be the cost for Davao smaller than the jumbo box? I am in Pyeongtaek but LBC branch is in Seoul. Is someone from LBC will pick the box?

    • admin says:

      I think it is about 60,000 won for smaller box, only jumbo box has free pick-up but just in case please call their hotline for inquiries.

  9. […] LBC Korea branch is located at: 1F, 102-1 Hyehwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul Korea. Jumbo Box size – 73 x 52 x 73 Hotline/Contact #: 1661-5899 […]

  10. Jen says:

    Hi po, if i may ask? When u paid po ba for 2 jumbo box ung ₩120000? I want to use Lbc din po kc..salamat.

    • admin says:

      Hello Jen, for one jumbo box lang ang ₩120,000 for Manila and Luzon Area lang and then higher rate kapag papuntang Visayas at Mindanao.

    • Edelyn says:

      Hello Miss Jen. Good day! Feel free to call 1661-5899 or visit Facebook Page (LBC EXPRESS INC (KR)). Thank you po^^

  11. thatskie says:

    Hello Admin, How much will it cost a jumbo box going to visayas, particularly in Cebu, in U.S dollar currency..I am a crew on board a ship, we are dock in Ulsan Korea..Possible to arrange my package, this is just my first time sending here in Korea..Mostly I send package in Taiwan..Any information on how to get there in your office or any branches that is near here in Ulsan Korea ports..Thank you..

    • adminc says:

      Please call their hotline number (1661-5899) or visit their facebook page (see link) for more details. Thank you.

      • Edelyn says:

        Salamat sis.. nakatawag na nga po ata cla dito last week po ata… papickup na rin po cla ng boxes^^

        • adminc says:

          Walang anuman. Glad to hear sis, dito nga nagiinquire ang iba I think they thought affiliated ako sa LBC. Hehehe

          • Edelyn says:

            Hahahahaha..pwede na maging endorser sis^^

          • adminc says:

            Oo, dapat libre na isang balikbayan box ko nito pagbalik (kapag nakabalik) ko nang Korea (lol). Joke lang!

  12. Edelyn says:

    Hello Sis^^

    Still remember me?? Heheheh.. LBC KOREA is very much glad for all the feedbacks because of your blog. If may tumatawag or nagvivisit/walkin sa office, nakikilala nila agad name ko..hehehe.. Thanks..Thanks.. message mo lang ako if magvisit kau dito sa Korea huh^^

    • adminc says:

      Hi sis, of course naman remember na remember pa kita. 🙂 No problem, glad I can help sa inyo diyan… hehe sikat ka na, dapat siguro lagay ko pa pic mo para hindi lang name ang kilala nila. Hehehe, joke!
      Sureness, sa year kupong-kopong pa yon! Haha

      • Edelyn says:

        Hahahaha…. ui kaloka ka sis..wag na wag mo ilagay huh..hahahaha… pakita ka naman sakin.. sumesexy ka na dyan

    • kath says:

      Hi Edelyn or to admin,

      I need to ship a package from Korea to Philippines BUT I’m here in the Philippines. Is this possible? Thanks in advance for your help! I don’t know how else to contact them from PH 🙂

  13. Arsenio says:

    JeonLabuk-do , iksan-si po ang address ? ano po pwede ko gawin Para makpagpadaLa ko sa Pinas ? thanks po .. ano po process ?

    • adminc says:

      Tawagan mo lang po ang LBC hotline then asked ka magpadeliver nang jumbo box tapos kapag puno na at ready ka na magpadala tawagan mo ulit sila to pick-up your box. 🙂

  14. Fln says:

    Hi I want to have a week stay in Korea and I will try to buy around 200 albums. Is that possible to be send thru LBC? Thanks

    • adminc says:

      Yes, I think it is possible as long as you are shipping to PH. You may contact them on their hotline or email address for more details.

  15. jenny says:

    kailangan ba magbayad kaagad kung idedeliver pa lang sa yo yung jumbo box?

  16. nicole says:

    admin this is not lbc-related question. but i wanna ask if you know any cargo express in korea cheaper than this one? and yung reliable hahaha. thanks!

  17. iya says:

    Hi! Saw you blog and i just wanna ask if nagbayad pa for custom fee ung family mo before nila mareceive? And may tracking number ba ang lbc if cargo? Thankyou so much.

  18. iya says:

    Hoping for your reply po agad thankyou 🙂

    • Edelyn says:

      Hello Miss Iya. Good afternoon. You may contact us thru FB Page (@LBCExpress.Korea) . We do offer door to door service and no extra charge po. You just need to settle the shipping fee. 🙂

  19. Zade says:

    Hi! I have something to be shipped from KR to PH and I want to use LBC Korea sana. Kaso I’m here in PH and I don’t know how to pay directly sa LBC Korea 🙁 Looking forward for your positive response. Thanks^^

  20. Cherie Jonas says:

    Hi Ms. Edelyn, may i ask for your assistance on how to make a call from Philippines to Korea using Telephone? And also how do i pay directly to LBC Korea?

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