Sending Korean Postcards to Blogger Friends

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It was been a year ago when some of my online friends asked postcards from me but it was just this week I am able to send postcards to them. Quite late huh? Probably in many countries you can easily find postcards on bookstores near you but I think in Korea you can’t. You can just find them where there is western community or place where foreigners go. I have bought mine in Insadong, but I believed there are also postcards in Itaewon.

Sending a package abroad is quite expensive so I was not able to send the postcards right away after my allowance was cut since I return to Korea. I also want to add key chains and souvenir and not just the post cards, the other day when I went to the post office, the woman gave me a brown envelope and I was surprised that it is cheaper to use it rather than a box. So I am planning to send more to friends and bloggers who want a postcards from Korea, like a postcard swap.

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