Severe Headache and Vomiting

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I wasn’t feeling well last night so I sleep as early as six o’clock in the evening without eating dinner, I had a severe headache with vomiting and I have pain from my period. I really feel so crappy last night that’s why when I was left alone when my family went to town I cried so hard, I don’t know if it is because of my physical pain or the recurrent pain that I can’t overcome. Lights are killing me so I have to turn off the lights in our living room where we sleep, I was also sensitive to sound and voices but our house is near the street so it is killing me every time I hear noises, then my  mother watched a drama series I was glad that she didn’t turn the volume up but since the television is too bright I sleep with handkerchief on my eyes and with a lot of ointment in my head pulse.

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A cousin had told me that maybe I have to get a new eyeglasses because maybe my eye grade went up. Maybe she is right but I can’t afford it right now so I just wish my eyes won’t bother me that much. I also hope it isn’t something serious like brain aneurysm or some sort, when I was a little kid I was hit by a tricycle and my head was also injured but God let me live and gave me a second life but reading through some stories symptoms and accident result sometimes came after so many years.  I watched too many movies and I overthink too much again, isn’t it?

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