Sharing the Gospel as Volunteer Teacher for Operation Christmas Child

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It was early this year when I volunteered to be a teacher for Operation Christmas Child, we had a training around March and it was around last week of September when we started sharing the gospel with young kids after they received the shoe boxes from Samaritan’s Purse.

One hundred kids were blessed,  but just how Jesus cleansed the ten lepers where only one Samaritan returned to give thanks  (Luke 17:11-19), only a few kids aging 7 years old up, returned to learn the gospel.  It was disappointing, it made you think if what is happening, do Filipinos were really this ungrateful?

Oh well, who I am to judge. Maybe they are also thankful, but not thankful enough to attend a few hours of bible lessons, maybe they are just too busy at home, maybe they just can’t go for personal reasons or maybe they thought they would not be able to learn from me, but classes were divided into three zones, and there are also only a few kids who attended the bible classes in the two other zones.

Anyway,  this is my first time teaching kids and I was a bit anxious what approached should I use, should I be strict or friendly?  When you started teaching young kids, I realized your teaching technique naturally flows, your compassion and patience takes place.

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