Shopping and Reselling Unused Items

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When my sister took a government exam in the neighboring city almost a year ago, I went with them and we’ve went directly to Manila to wander around. I was too presumable then; I took government national papers, bought things and clothes to carry somewhere far but life isn’t always the way we planned it, so the lesson I learned in life not to get too excited and don’t expect too much it is either from yourself or from people around you.

When everything turned upside down, I hid all the things I collected I didn’t throw them like what I have said. Anyway, few of them were perfumes I just let them sit in one corner collecting dust, I already lost count how many of them I bought, I thought I bought more but when I checked them they’re just less than I thought they were be.

Jordache Women Perfume

Recently my mother dig them out from the dark corner, the perfumes remained there untouched by me since the day I hid them in, gladly I didn’t bought things for J yet like I have planned or else there are more things that will collect dust. I choose to resell the Jordache perfumes and make money out them. I have bought them on huge sale in a Japanese store in Manila for less than $2 and reselling them for less than $6. The Jordache perfume scent I have bought were No. 4, 5 and 7, they were the only available scent because the perfumes were almost sold out when we stumble at them in the shopping mall.

Meanwhile, the clothes I have bought I wore them to church every Sunday, I think that’s where the clothes destined to be worn, the clothes that was for different weather was kept in the very bottom of a huge box and some of the new pants given to me by my mother goes to reselling items too since they were too large for me to wear, I’ve lost a lot of weight without struggling on how to do it, yes no dieting needed. If you will asked me, I believed all those weights were transferred to my sister since she gained a lot of weight today, LOL.

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