Shopping for Discounted Natasha Sandals

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Every woman needs a pair of high heels. It was been a long time since I wore high heeled footwear I think it was been ages, I favor sneakers and flats because they are more comfortable and easy to wear. My mother and sister brought home this beautiful and stylish sandals for me after finding that there is an available item in the shop where my mother was affiliated as a dealer. I have told them a few months ago after seeing this sandals in a brochure that it is beautiful and I would like to have a pair but since I can’t afford it I didn’t order and I can’t think of a place or occasion where to wear them.

Deangela Natasha Sandals

This sandals is a month to pay and it has dealer discount so I keep it instead of asking them to return it. I don’t know yet where to wear them but there’s only one place I know I could wear them, in the church. What’s funny I lost my balance while trying them at home so I wonder if I will fall in embarrassment if I wore them outside someday.

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