Shopping for Elegant yet Affordable Pair of Earrings Online

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Shopping is very therapeutic for me, it surely brought superficial happiness.  It helps me to forget things and be happy even just for a moment.

Unlike most women, shopping for jewelries doesn’t really attract me because I don’t really wear such things aside from pair of pearl earrings and my wedding ring. I have been wearing pearl earrings for years, and the pair of earrings I am currently wearing was bought cheap on the street. I have thought I need a change of fashion so when I saw elegant yet affordable earrings online I immediately added it on my shopping cart. I need to reach a specific amount so I could use a voucher for discount and adding the pair of earrings in my shopping cart made it possible, so if I sum it I got the earrings for free.

Jewelmine Phoebe 29a Cubic Zircon Earrings

The earring is a pair of Jewelmine Phoebe 29a Cubic Zircon, yes it is not a gold earring where you can sell or pawned for higher price. It was mainly for fashion and accessories that you can wear daily or to pair on your favorite outfit of the day.  It cost Php299.00 ($6.65) but with the use of coupon voucher I got it for Php263.12 ($5.84). The voucher was split on to other items in my cart so the discount for the pair of earrings was not really huge.

Jewelmine Phoebe 29a Cubic Zircon Earrings

Jewelmine Phoebe 29a Cubic Zircon earrings is classy and elegant; it somehow looks like the pair of earrings from Avon that my mother gave to me a year ago which until now is only sitting in the fancy jewelry box.  Of course, I didn’t start wearing too the earrings I just recently bought, I just admire its beauty while sitting in the jewelry box that comes with it.

Secretly for over a decade I have been wishing to receive jewelries made of my birth stone but somehow nobody thought of it. I was planning to buy one for myself since they were just affordable accessories but when I have read that jewelries made of birth stone are best to receive as a gift it stops me. Now, I am wondering who will be the thoughtful one to wrap it for me.  LOL

Well, it is going to be my birthday in few weeks. My mother reminded me of it and I just shrugged it off and told her it is not a happy one, probably the saddest in my almost three decades of existence. 🙁

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