Shopping Online and Tekbe Ajeossi

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Shopping online in Korea is very convenient not just because it is cheaper than shopping local stores but because the items are delivered quickly as long as you ordered them on weekdays, most delivery company are only open on Monday to Friday.  The other day I have ordered pair of shoes and small bottles of shampoo to use as present for my relatives, the sellers provided a tracking details and when I found out that it was sent to unfamiliar delivery company I know something is gonna happen because it was a new one, what I mean it was not the same company who deliver items to us every time we ordered.

Online Shopping in Korea

It was about 9 o’clock in the morning and I am still sleeping when my phone rang, as I already removed the password protection of my phone it took me time before I can answer it, I am used of sliding the screen whenever I received a phone call but this time it won’t work and it was only after 2 rings that I figured out how to get the phone call. It was the tekbe ajeossi (delivery man) calling, as I can’t understand what he is talking I just told him “Hangul mulayo” (I don’t know Hangul) but he keeps talking so I went out the apartment thinking he is around, in the background I can hear people talking.  Someone talk to me in English maybe the ajeossi find someone who can speak English and I was asked where am I, thinking they can’t find our apartment I told him our town and where to find the apartment like saying landmarks and stores.

After few minutes I received another phone call it was the delivery tekbe ajossi thinking he was lost I went out to check outside again but I can’t see any delivery truck, worried where my order will be delivered I went down and went to the gym owner where we are working out as I saw him outside from where am I peeping upstairs.

I asked help to talk at tekbe ajossi so I dialed the number and hand the phone to him, it turns out the tekbe ajossi is just calling me that he is already near in our town and asking where am I or where he is going to deliver the items I have ordered.  I have figured it out after the gym owner told me that the delivery will be here after 20 minutes and I heard him saying the chicken place where we at.

It is funny huh? I am thinking the other way that he was lost but the truth he was just informing that my items will be delivered soon and if I am at home when he will came to our apartment. Haha!

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6 Responses to “Shopping Online and Tekbe Ajeossi”

  1. Madri du Preez says:

    How do I go about to send something to someone with Tekbe Ajoshi? Where do I go to send it?

    • adminc says:

      You can you use EMS, there are postal offices around Korea.

    • Irene says:

      You can also sent thru c&u mini mart^*^

      • lena says:

        hi there just want to ask your comment i want to know how to process sending package in c&u or mart i dont know how to do that coz i want to send package here from seoul to busan dont have post office here yet in my place wirye coz this is new town. Please answer my question thank you^^

  2. mahtab says:

    dear how can i track my
    from korea to pakistan

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