Sick Dog: Jihoo Refuses to Eat Food

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My family informed me that Jihoo is sick, he is not eating nor drinking. They tried to feed him by opening his mouth and giving him food but he was restless and doesn’t like to be touched. It seems he is in pain, afraid of being bitten by the dog my family didn’t try to open his mouth again to put some food, they just left food near him.

Sick Dog

I have told my family to bring Jihoo in a pet clinic but unfortunately there’s no pet clinic around. Our province is like a typical rural province in the Philippines where dogs were feed left over food or people food and bringing dogs to a vet is not the foremost concern.

I have read that refusing food  can be a sign of many serious illnesses of pets and can be especially damaging to the health, as they cannot talk it is hard for us humans to know what they are suffering unless they are brought to professional pet doctors.

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