Sign of aging or dabiana in the making?

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I am not in control anymore. Joke. What I mean my schedule is mixed up already, I have been busy this past few days that I cannot visit and left comment to the blogs I usually visit. As of today I have a rest day but tomorrow we are going back to Seoul again to visit a doctor to ask for a prescription for malaria as preparation for our travel in Bangladesh then two days rest and on Tuesday I am going to return to Seoul to pick-up our passport in the embassy. What a busy day, I’ll be thankful if I will not travel so long but it seems hard to grant this wish. The only thing I am thankful for these busy days is I cannot attend the gym, I am already tired working out I hate my myself every time I look in the mirror and I see my big arms and broad shoulders. I look like a wrestler now, packed with muscles. I hate it! I really hate it , my arms and shoulders is not the one it used to be. I keep whining to Pookie bear about it, but he just keep saying he likes it and asking me if who am I going to impress why I don’t like it. That’s not the case but I am woman not a man (huhuhu). I try to wear the clothes I bough with Emelyn in Seoul, the long sleeve which is turtle neck shirt. It is just a waste of money when I look on my reflection in the mirror I look like a ginger or taro. I am depressed especially I had stretch marks on my leg by doing leg exercises, leg curls and all leg exercises. My long thin legs already looks like crispy pata. Then I gain weight but the way I look in the mirror I am not fat, Pookie bear says maybe because I gained muscle that’s why my weight goes up to 54, Ihhhhhh…yeah you heard it right 54…the 47-49 weight is already history. No matter how I starved myself it won’t changed a lot like 54.7 to 54.3 then 54.5 ..always with 54…one time it is 53.9 but when I ate 54 again. Signs of getting old? It says when you grow older you weigh higher, hope it is and not because I am a dabiana in the making. 
Sign of aging, aching waist or just posing?

Here look at my big arms, proportion or not?

These photos are taken last Tuesday when I visited the Townsend’s apartment.
I think this is how it works when you are married to a pro-wrestler, maybe Pookie bear thought I am his wrestling buddy.

3 Responses to “Sign of aging or dabiana in the making?”

  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    well whatever the shape of body what important is the shape of your heart =) a generous girl =)

  2. Kayce says:

    naku ang payat2x mo nga sis… buti ka pa ang sexy mo pa rin… haaayz! baka ako nga dapat na tawaging dabiana… nyahahha!

  3. zh3en22 says:

    Wala naman ako makita dabiana jan! Asan ba? Ang sexy ai!

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