Simple Menu: Sautéed Monggo Beans

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Sautéed Monggo Beans is one of the popular cooked vegetables in my home country, I grew up seeing and eating them. It is always present in every restaurant in our town so I am not surprised anymore seeing Monggo Beans abroad. So for a change I cooked local food, I sautéed the monggo beans I bought from the Filipino store in Seoul.

Sauteed Monggo Beans

Cooking local food doesn’t mean I need complete ingredients like the leaves of bitter melon, chicharon and etc., I used pork and lettuce alternatively.

To start with cooking, the monggo beans need to be boiled and when they are cooked or cracked open.  Separate the slop and the beans, and in a clean pot sauté garlic and onion, add the meat and fry them a little until brown. Drop the monggo beans, add the slop and more water. Add salt and let it boil, and add the lettuce!

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