Small Token After the Election

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The election day was already finished yesterday and the results was favorable to other candidates but not to others. A relative running for a local position didn’t win as well, for us he is the right person for the position but not all people think the same thought.


An aunt handed us and a relative passing by a dozen Fastbreak a product of San Miguel  which is a coffee mix with cereals, we are told it was from the politician she supported who happened to won the election, I think she was given a box and then she shared it to relatives around her. I guess it is a thank you gift from the politician, it is a sweet gesture and I couldn’t consider it vote buying since the election was just finished. The cereal meal was a month to its expiration date, it is still consumable and can fill a stomach in the morning, right?

Anyway, in town we’ve heard from other people that there was a vote buying that took place in certain towns before and during the election, it was all gossip since they just heard the rumor as well from other people.  So who knows if it really happens or not, vote buying is normal in the Philippines even it is prohibited by law.

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