Smoked Chicken and a Free Meal

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Our ten kilo rice is almost finished what is left is the rice in the pot so my husband keeps reminding not to eat too much rice because the rice should last until Friday. Apparently we also don’t have groceries and we are not  going to shop until tomorrow so left no choice I keep blurting out tonight  that I am hungry and asked my husband if I can buy food in the nearby 24 hours convenient store.

He agreed upon knowing what I want to buy, it turns out he is also craving for smoked chicken. So I wear my winter jacket and went out, while in the store I keep looking in the fridge if they have pizza but unfortunately they don’t have. It was been a long time since pizza is available in the convenient I think it is always sold out.

While paying my bill the woman in the counter gave me an extra food I don’t want to accept it thinking I have to pay extra into it but when she said it is service means free of charge so I took it. When I look at home the meal consist of  ham, eggs, kimchi with tuna and rice.

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