Smoked Turkey, Cake and More Food

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We went to the immigration today to renew our visa. It took us one hour to get there, my husband’s co-teacher drove us to  the immigration, and as usual there’s a lot of people on queue that took us about one hour and half to wait for our number.

When we got our visa renewed we took a taxi to the  station little did I know that my husband told the driver “subway station” so when we got there he’s shocked not to find the bus station, I told him bus station is in a different place. We went to tourist information and we are given a small paper on what bus to take to the bus station but instead of waiting for the bus we took a deluxe taxi to the bus station. We got the bus in time to Icheon, we arrived 10 minutes before its departure.

When we arrived to the bus terminal here, we directly went to Lotte Super to buy smoked turkey, fluorescent lights, cheese sticks and few more other stuffs.  After it we separated our ways, me going to the canteen and him to the bank, we agreed to meet in the canteen where I am going to buy our favorite street food.

As usual the owner’s are trying to communicate with me but all I can say is Mulayo Hangul (I don’t know Hangul).  The moment we arrived home I have fried the cheese sticks and heat the smoked turkey and we ate.  We feasted in a lot of food eh and it is not enough we had cake as well. It’s the cake I bought for my husband on Valentines Day, we  saved it for cheat day.

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