Snowing again

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As I wake up today my husband told me that it is snowing again outside, Jezzz…again? The snow already stops a month ago and the street was already clean with snow.
It first snow when we arrived from Sri Lanka, which 18 inches from the ground. It was so cold, no buses and no vehicles on the street, even there was they are stuck in the middle of the road. So we have to walk from the bus station going to our apartment with our big backpacks.

2 Responses to “Snowing again”

  1. Y says:

    LOL it snowed like 12 inches here in NJ

  2. hyanne says:

    Is it really funny eh, esp. if you've seen a tow away track towing a car in the middle of the street, maybe locals where not very used of snow (lol) not like there in US, it is snowing a lot.

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