So much fun in Itaewon

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Last night we went to Itaewon to meet Catlaine and her husband, they’re my our new found friend. I’ve met Catlaine online, she’s one of the people who uses my travel blog as guide going her in Korea. She just arrived here in Korea seven days ago, and our meet up was scheduled yesterday.
Our scheduled meet up time is 6:30 PM at Itaewon station, exit 4. We left home around 4 o’clock something, bus left at 4:57 in the afternoon, there’s traffic along the way that cause us to arrived Express Bus Terminal at 6:15, Jezzz we are kinda late. We’re still going to take subway then transfer one station, when I saw a payphone I dialed their number to tell them we are going to be late but unfortunately their phone was just ringing. So hubby and I just take the train, thinking maybe they left already.
I think it’s already quarter to seven when we arrived at Itaewon exit 4, I am grasping for air when we arrived at the meeting place because we did not use the escalator in hurry, we took the long stairs. Luckily they’re still there waiting for us, so after hi and hello and where Catlaine hug me so tight that I can’t return  her hug tightfully because I am really grasping for air.

We ate at a Mexican Restaurant while talking anything, after it we walk around the street because hubby is looking for a cardigan for his work. We ride in the same train when we depart our ways around ten o’clock maybe. The dinner and everything was fun. Nice meeting you guys!

2 Responses to “So much fun in Itaewon”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    awww.. sweet naman nyan.. as in kahit san ka sa mundo, may pinoy na handang makipagkaibigan sayo.. ingat! πŸ˜€

  2. hyanne says:

    Hehe, sweet talaga ang dalawang yan. Nakakatuwa nga kami eh parang mga krung2 sa Itaewon.

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