So nervous!

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Jezz, I was so nervous tonight. I thought I can’t anymore log-in here into my account. Because when I tried to log-in I was redirected to a certain page which I cannot understand, it was written in Korean Language. Maybe because my IP is from Korea, but I am not a Korean. I have tried it again many times, but still the same thing. I can’t change the language because there is no option to do it. What I did is search it on google but when I try to read the articles it is still Korean Language. This is a mess, what will happen to my blogs if I cannot access my gmail again, so I manage to log-in again with a different account. I want to make sure if this is just happening for me or to everybody, so I did. When I log-in there is no problem I have not redirected to other page, so what I did is log-out and log-in my account. I was hoping that it will be an English Language this time, thanks God. Yes, it is English and the page I was redirected is to change my password because there is a suspicious thing that occur I don’t know what it is. Google also says I need to sign-out my account when I am not using gmail or blogger anymore which I am not use too. I am always online, I just closed the tab and never sign-out because I went back to blogger after few minutes or hours. Maybe someone try to steal my password tonight, I guess I already learned my lesson right now. I have to sign-out when I am out of my google account.

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