Soju Sleeping with Stuffed Animals and Toys

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The cat is said to be one of the most sweet and loving animals but I think cat is also one the most playful pet. Why? Because, one night when I was looking for my pet cat named Soju. I saw the stuff toys scattered down the cabinet, and as I go near it there is Soju, he is  sleeping in the cabinet making one of the stuff toys as his pillow.

Cat Sleeping with Stuffed Animals

Sometimes Soju also is like a dog  he loves to follow us and if you don’t see him you will step right to him and when you accidentally step on him he will cry and sometimes he will bite you but not a deep bite though. There’s an instance too that when he’s lying in the floor and you walk beside him, he will catch your feet and try to bite as if he wants you to play with him.

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