Soon to Open: Jollibee Odiongan

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A famous fast food chain “Jollibee” is soon to open in our province mainly in our town, the construction was rush that they’re working until night so they could be opened next month.  They’ve already hired employees, my sister applied but didn’t return on the orientation since there are some papers that are needed the next day and we didn’t let her as well since working in the fast food chain will not boost her resume in the future.

The other day, some staff from Jollibee are visiting house to house offering their opening promo which is you can reserved a ticket costing 650 pesos abou $15 and you’ll get a bucket of fried chicken (6 pieces) and throw pillows which are the fast food chains character, I have heard the chicken has also accompanied with rice and drinks.

I initially didn’t reserved since I don’t think I could pay them the money in a few days time but the second time they’ve returned which is just a few days ago to collect payments from the people who reserved slots I’ve decided to take one reservation, it will be my father and sister’s birthday in June so I guess their opening is in a timely manner so I could treat them on their birthdays, isn’t it?

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3 Responses to “Soon to Open: Jollibee Odiongan”

  1. ken ken says:

    Is it the second largest branch of jolibee in the phil??

  2. daisy says:

    can i have your landline number?

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