Spooky Morning

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We’re sleeping last night this morning when suddenly Pookie bear rise up “Did you hear that?” I said yes, he actually thought I am the one making noise but I told him it was not me when we heard the noise again. He asked me to turn on the light because I am near in the switch but I am darn scared that I hide inside my thick blanket especially he keep saying that it is coming from my side. A little pissed off of me by acting like a baby  he get off the bed to turn on the light in our room trying to figure out where the noise coming from. As both of our eyes are into my “rubbish” beside my bed we have found out it is my pink bag that’s making noise it is slowly falling from the top of the box into the floor touching my other stuff from behind. Pookie bear told me to clean my stuff today, well I did but there’s still more in the floor like my pen holder, candy box and jar, knapsack and my box full of junk (notebooks, paper, pamphlets, photo books,pictures and etc.,) .
I am just too lazy sometimes that I just put my camera, batteries, head phone, coin purse, bags, box of cookies or chocolate in the floor so whenever I sit in the floor while doing my task I will just grab it without standing.

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  1. w0rkingAth0mE says:

    ahaha i thought there's a monster na πŸ™‚

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