Spring Flower Festival in Seoul

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I am quite busy these past few days that I am not able to update my blogs, kind of procrastinated eh.  Anyway last Thursday I went to Seoul to meet my one and only friend in Korea, as we agreed I went to their apartment so we could eat lunch first before wandering around the flower festival. She cooked “pansit” for me but that’s not all we ate, we had brownies, rice cake, tuyo and more.

Filipino Meal

After eating our sumptuous  lunch we took the Subway to National Assembly Station where the Spring Flower Festival was held every year. We both wander and enjoyed the beautiful cherry blossoms on the street, there are lot of people as expected.  As we want a picture together I place my camera in a tree but a kind Korean woman help us, she took the shot for us which are thankful.

Cherry Blossoms

When we think it is getting late we decided to find the nearest subway so we can go to another place we, I want  to visit. I have planned to visit four place that day but time was not enough.  So we ended visiting two places only, I am going to blog the second one on my next post.

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