Squash and Meat Sauteed

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These past few days I’ve been eating a lot of squash because I have changed my usual diet, less meat and more vegetable. How I wish there’s a string beans, lady’s finger, ampalaya and preserved shrimps (bagoong) so I can cooked “pinakbet” how I missed eating fresh vegetables. They have eggplant here but it is darn hard with fully grown seeds (lol) so if ever I bought one packed it always ended in a frying fan.

Anyway I just sauteed this squash and added a small amount of soy sauce.

My ingredients:
Squash, meat, onion, garlic, oil, soy sauce, water
  • Saute the garlic and onion
  • Add the meat and let it fried for few minutes
  • Then add the squash, soy sauce and water
  •  Let it cooked and you can add few leafy vegetables as desired
  • Seasoned it with salt to taste
  • Serve hot.
Eating squash is beneficial to health but I don’t know if too much squash is still beneficial though.


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