Starving and Craving for Pancit

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I was feeling hungry last night and there is nothing else to eat at home so I ask for my mother and sister to go to town and order pancit from Aruba, before doing it we first went to the old market to get something and then headed to new market to buy fish for our viand and for our cats. Then we went to Aruba which is just around the new market, we ordered and left, instead of waiting we decided to get gas at the gas station, when we returned we waited a bit and it was ready. The moment we arrived I immediately eat because I am really starving and exhausted from thinking too much.

Pancit Bihon

The pancit we ordered cost Php80.00 or $1.77, it is only one serving but it was also good for 2-3 people if necessary. The pancit last night was good despite the noodles are over cooked compared to the pancit we ordered last time which is flavorless and blunt.

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