Steak on Valentines Day…

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Valentines Day is today but we celebrated it last night because Korea is celebrating Lunar New Year and most of the establishment/store were closed as what the Korean guy in the gym said to my husband during their work-out . It seems it is not New Year here, it so peacefully quiet, no vehicles, no group of people passing by in the street in front of our apartment which is a busy street in normal days. Everything is so peaceful, can’t hear any noises from the main street., my husband wonder if the Pizza place is also closed..,
Well, last night we went to Balsan Station, where another branch of Outback Steakhouse where located, but my husband says VIPS is also present there. So he ask me where I want to go, I choose VIPS for a change.

It is located at the second floor and as we go inside, we’ve seen a lot of people having their meal. The staffs are nice, OMG! that’s all I can say when I open their menu, steak where so expensive., I enjoy their food especially those seafood in the salad bar, after our meal we had a yogurt ice cream. The food in the salad bar is all you can eat, that’s the good thing even their steak is gold. (lol) I did not manage to take a picture of the food because it seems so ashameful, they might thought I am barbarian.

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