Strange Phone Call: Sorry, Wrong Number

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Tonight while reading some articles online, the family phone rings with the butterfly ringtone, unlike before I didn’t feel anxious upon hearing it, I was very calm but I let my sister run to the phone, we are not expecting someone to call aside from our father maybe he would like to greet our mother a happy birthday. My sister blurted out upon seeing the screen that is an unknown number but she answered it and called to our father since she said it sounds like our father’s voice but nobody is responding in the other line although we heard some voices talking.

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My mother came over from the kitchen and we gave her the phone where she’d ask who’s on the other line, when I heard it well I have told our mother that  it is not our father, it might be a wrong number so I told her to turned off the call, an older man’s voice in the other line asking “What is the problem” I blurted out that “He was the one who called” without knowing that my sister turned on the loud speaker so the person on the other line can hear me as well. The man then introduce his self as a police officer “SPO4” and that’s where I felt so anxious and nervous, thinking that something happened to our father. I guess that’s what your going to think as well when a police officer is on the other line, isn’t it?

Anyway the person on the other line became apologetic, we are told that his nephew dialed a number and unfortunately it was our number so it is indeed a wrong number.

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