Sunjae: Our Dog’s Adopted Puppy

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Well, long time no update over here. I got sick with chikungunya virus since there was an outbreak in our compound. We have  a new puppy at home, my family named him “Sunjae” no matter how I disagree of naming our pets with Korean names I can’t seems to win with them. We got Sunjae from a distant relative, initially we are told the puppy is still lactating and it isn’t eating yet but my sister insisted of taking him home, planning to use baby formula on the puppy.

At home Jinjoo didn’t like the sight of the new puppy, she hates the puppy who keeps following her and trying to nurse at her. We just let them familiarize at each other and in the morning when we wake up they already get along, Jinjoo adopted the puppy and she nursed him like her own pup.

Sunjae is a very smart puppy, when you tell him no or hit him once he won’t repeat the same thing again. When feeding our pets he usually climb at my leg so I hit him lightly once and since then he didn’t do it again and just excitedly run and cry when I start feeding them. What’s funny about him, he don’t like taking a bath, he cries and whimper every time I pour water on him.

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