Sweet Potato Pizza in Korea

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Sweet potato can be served in different way, it can be either boiled or fried in the place where I came from. Here in Korea it can be a flavor of cup cakes or pizza. Yes pizza,  yesterday we had our cheat day and for the last time before we start our juice fasting my husband decide to pig out errr I mean eat all he want, so one of our treats is pizza. I ordered sweet potato for myself, its been a long time since I had this one.


Yes it’s my second time to have Sweet Potato here and I think the first time was year ago, lol.  Oh well if you will ask me how does it tasted, it tasted good its kind of sweet but crunchy and yummy. I enjoyed it this time because I almost ate the whole pizza if my husband didn’t ask for it after he finished his pepperoni pizza.

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