Sweet Potato Pizza

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We are now here in Icheon, no more Pizza Maru during weekends but there’s PIZZA SCHOOL in the main street. Nice name for a Pizza House right, maybe mostly they cater students that’s why it’s named Pizza School especially school is just few meters away.

I’ve tried a lot of pizza’s since I arrived here in Korea and I wanna explore more flavor, so for the first time I tried this SWEET POTATO PIZZA, I’ve only seen this here in Korea not sure in China but I think I have seen Sweet Potato Pizza too over there as well as KIMCHI PIZZA.


5 Responses to “Sweet Potato Pizza”

  1. Mrs. Kolca says:

    i really thought my korean student was joking when she told me about sweet potato pizza.. so, it's real pala? how does it taste?!

  2. gemini says:

    hahhahaha, am gaining some weight by the sight of it.

  3. hyanne says:

    Haist lasang pizza rin naman Ateh, parang tinapay na sweet potato kaya masarap rin naman …ayaw ko lang ung mustard sa taas kc sweet tapos mustard…:)

  4. hyanne says:

    Haha, that's very funny..ur going to gain weight Ms. Gemini if you call Pizza delivery after seeing this..^_^

  5. Anne says:

    Love pizza girl, but still i want rice hahaha… anyway, My daffodils entry.

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